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Welcome to Puyrichard

Welcome to Puyrichard

Chirac, located in the department of Poitou-Charentes on the banks of the Vienne. Ideal place to relax, recharge your batteries and enjoy the unspoiled nature. 780 km from Antwerp in the department of Poitou-Charentes on the banks of the Vienne.

“Rest in a world of abundance” “Looking for authenticity? Leave the society’s express train behind you?”

Travelling to the South-West of France? Or on to Spain or Portugal? Or skiing in the Pyrenees? Then Lieu dit Puyrichard is a nice stopover and also a great opportunity to enjoy a few days of unspoiled nature. This beautiful nature and the microclimate tempt you to be active outdoors all year round. Yes, the Romans knew where to live. Of their stay there are still many archaeological evidence to be found in the vicinity.

Puyrichard is located in an idyllic spot on the banks of the Vienne River. The house and the former hayloft that was converted into a gîte of max 6p. is situated on a domain of 4.5 hectares consisting of a park garden, meadows and woods with 400m bank on the Vienne. On the domain is also the ruin of an old mill and miller’s house.

“What is a man more than his environment. Here you breathe the rhythm of the wind and relax when the sun goes down”

The protected valley of the Vienne, with its vast meadows and ancient forests, is a paradise for butterflies, dragonflies and a breeding ground for rare birds. Several species of wild animals hide in these forests.

The surroundings are hilly. Interspersed with rivers and lakes, this invites you to go cycling, fishing, swimming, hiking, kayaking… At a maximum of one hour’s drive you can also play golf. Art and culture can be found in every village or town where time seems to have stood still: Romanesque churches, castles, ruins …

The Poitou-Charentes region is also known and praised for the delicious meat of the Limousin cows, which are outdoors practically all year round. The lamb and poultry can certainly seduce you.

Sights in the area:

  • The cities of Limoges, Angoulême, La Rochefoucauld, Saint-Junien, Poitiers, Cognac..,
  • The lakes of the Haute-Charente,
  • The monument in remembrance of W.O.II at Oradour-sur-Glane
  • The castles and monuments of the route Richard Coeur-de-Lion
  • Back in time with the Gallic village of Coriobona in Esse,
  • Archaeological sites such as the Roman baths of Cassinomagus in Chassenon